About Two Pals

Welcome to Two Pals with Thoughts. We are a couple of guys with similar interests in arts, culture, views on life and our place in it. But we differ when it comes to specifics. That’s when the fun begins.


binkleyIn the real world, the man behind Binkley Pal has been blessed with an unusually large head, which he voraciously fills with knowledge and skills. He is an artistic scientist and a scientific artist. He can tell you how galaxies form while playing the banjo. Then he can run 10 km to your house and fix your computer.
In addition to knowing more than you know, he is better to his family than you are to yours: doting on them and generally striving to make their days adventurous. They appreciate it, but dearly wish he would stop playing Bob Dylan all the time.
In his spare time, he likes to worry about things that aren’t going to happen and, when he gets around to it and is in the mood, he earns his living doing ecological restoration. He is too old to backpack through Europe and too young to move to Florida. He lives west of St. John’s, Newfoundland and east of Vancouver, B.C.
He is my pal.


miloMilo Pal is a romantic at heart, eager to see beauty in everything. Coupled with a twisted mind unable to resist the urge to witness depravity (fictional of course), he is sometimes a tortured man. Despite these rather illogical traits, Milo Pal is a finely tuned rationalist. Not unlike an anal retentive’s sock drawer, his thoughts are neatly arranged in perfect order ready to be accessed at the exact right time. He is a thinker, inspiring those around him to be thoughtful as well.

Milo Pal is quick to find adventure not just out of spontaneity, but also because he knows it to be a healthy and worthwhile endeavour for his growth and his children’s too. He is a fiery man of action with a strong moral code, willing to yell at old ladies if he knows that he is right. FYI, after his verbal assault, the lady agreed with him and had to rethink her whole life as a human person.

Best of all Milo Pal is an absurdist, willing to spelunk any strange conversational cavern that looks promising.

He lives only in his own mind, which is situated somewhere in Canada.

He is basically a Saint.

warm regards,binkley


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