As Luck Would Have It : a Great Start to the NFL Playoffs

binkleyPal, I think we beautifully buttoned up 2013. We put a lid on last year.  The 2013 turkey is done.  A fond farewell to the year that was. Alliteration!!! However, there is still one item from 2013 that isn’t quite over.  The NFL 2013 season.  With every new year, we find ourselves knee deep in the playoffs. A great time to be sure. A time to sit, drink, eat and watch greatness unfold.

The Wildcard round is over, and what an exciting start to the playoffs it was. All close games.  Heartbreaking losses and satisfying wins.  The standout was surely the Indianapolis Colts comeback from a 28 point deficit against the Kansas City Chiefs to win it by one point in the end. Spoiler Alert.


The Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, had a horrific first half. Plagued by turnovers, it seemed that if blame was to be foisted on someone for the impending loss it would have to be him. It looked grim at halftime.  If this was a regular season game I would start to flip the channels looking for some other game to keep me entertained. This being the playoffs, I couldn’t turn away. And glad that I didn’t. It was a comeback for the ages. From 10-38 at the half to a 45-44 final score. Unbelievable.

The key play that represented the whole arc of the game occurred in the fourth quarter. Momentum had shifted the Colts way. Kansas City couldn’t do anything but watch their lead dwindle away. True to his ways, Luck was turning it on in the second half.  Early in the fourth quarter, the score was now 31-41 for the Chiefs. After a strong drive, the Colts were now within five yards of another touchdown. Luck handed it off for a smashmouth carry into the end-zone. The running back got popped.  The ball flew out of his hands and began bouncing wildly on the turf.  Anyone with the quick sense to grab it would make a huge play.  Luck reacted quickly as if to say, “no way man. We aren’t turning this over again.  This is not how it is supposed to be.  This is our time!” Luck snatched the erratic ball and dove over the mass of players to give the Colts six more points. A historic play. If the Colts go all the way this season, that play will be immortalized as a symbol of the one that got them there. Luck showed both grit and determination. Righting the ship towards the win that just had to happen.


I am sure that play will get broken down in a million ways by the analysts.  There is always so much over commentary and endless analysis on football.  All these sports networks needlessly beating upon the dead horse that is this week in football.  For me, there is only one show that I listen to as my sole authority on football.  A sonic beacon through the white noise of football commentary shows.

bs report

It is the weekly Football edition of the BS Report Podcast with host/star Bill Simmons (ESPN’s the “Sports Guy”, former comedy writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live,  I love his weekly conversations with Cousin Sal (from Jimmy Kimmel Live) about the teams while they guess the lines and compete to get the most right.  It is very laid back and full of insight.  Full of humour.  Not full of chest pumping alpha males having little sense of their inside voice.  Just like listening to two good friends who happen to know a lot about sports, these guys are totally relatable.  I am going to miss those guys when football is over.


Let’s not dwell on when the season is over.  Let’s live in the now.  I guess this should be the part of the post where I predict the Superbowl Champions (nothing like living in the now with a prediction on the future).  I am not sure I am able to even have an educated guess as to who will win, but I do know who I want to see in the Superbowl.  I want to see the Denver Broncos vs. the Seattle Seahawks.  I also know who I want to win the Superbowl.  I want the Seahawks to win it in a 38-37 nail biter.  We’ll see if I am right.  Regardless of what happens, I am really going to enjoy the violent turf parade. Like the great folk song….

Green green rocky road
Promenade in green                                                                                                        Tell me who d’you love
Tell me who d’you love

Later Pal.


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