Why Let it Be is better than Let it Be: A Review

binkleyNice rant Pal. This goes right along with my “Parking Douche” sticker idea. Let’s say you see some jerk taking advantage of the simple parking rules that all of us who believe in a co-operative human existence follow. Taking up two spots; too close to another car; at some weird angle; right in front of the store; or in a non-spot at the end of a row. Instead of keying this A-hole’s car, you can slap a “Parking Douche” sticker on it. It should come off easy so as not to ruin the car. It’s just to let them know that we saw them and they can’t just get away with thoughtless selfish actions without judgement. Let us all judge shall we?

Speaking of judgement….

let it be nakedThis week I bought Let it Be… Naked. Mixed by Paul and Ringo, this is the last Beatles album the way they intended it to be heard. A realization of the classic album that the Beatles never finished. Although it was finished. Phil Spector built his “wall of sound” all over it and then it was released. I should start by saying that I do like Let it Be the original. It really is a great album. As you read this, it may sound like I am crapping on the album. This is not true. I am crapping on the producer. I always loved the album, but with Let it Be… Naked, I have been awakened to how much better it should have been.

let it beThe Beatles never liked the final Spector product. Their intent for Let it Be was to have a stripped down version of the Beatles. Just four musicians playing good music. Although the infighting was too much for them and they abandoned the project before the final cuts were done. My guess is that the album was a last attempt by a group in trouble to grab onto what originally felt good and innocent about making music. So they stripped the production in an effort to recognize what originally brought them together. I don’t think this intent was understood by Mr. Spector. Or maybe he just didn’t care.

There is a maturity to this album. This maturity is evident on the original version, but more so in the new version. The nuances are there in Let it Be… Naked. Phil Spector ripped the nuances away and replaced it with soulless orchestration. That bastard!

Phil Spector’s over production totally takes me as a listener out of a Beatles frame of mind. It is glaring that some moments sound out of place and that the Beatles had nothing to do with it. Bottom Line: those orchestrated moments just don’t feel right.

Take “The Long and Winding Road”. Those orchestral hits after the opening titular line. Phlam! Phlam! . . . Phlam! Phlam! Yuck! That’s not the Beatles. He turned a touching song into a sappy song. Might as well have been Spector in a microphone singing “Phil! Phil! . . . Phil! Phil! It’s all mine now.” So selfish.  I bet this jerk-water sh*&-bag deserves a lifetime supply of “Parking Douche” stickers.  Paul and Ringo got rid of that and replaced those hits with just an guitar, organ and bass. Way better. More tasteful.

Other examples of Spector’s assholery are all over the album. Basically the worst parts are all Phil “the Sphincter” Spector.

Take “Across the Universe”. Paul and Ringo took all that hacky echoey reverby stuff off and just had Lennon singing and playing guitar. Behind him is a sitar that grows ever so slightly. Almost imperceptible. Way more effective. To me it is just more honest and doesn’t try to show off. To rip off Mitch Hedberg, what Spector did to that song is like a human pyramid. Very unnecessary. It did not need to exist.

Production should be like a good toupee. You should never notice it. We think all toupees are bad because we only see the bad ones. We shouldn’t be aware of the production. We are only aware of it because it doesn’t fit. A lot of work is put into making a good toupee.  That should be acknowledged, but it is only successful if you notice the guy not the hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for farts and whistles on an album, but I want to know that the band wanted to place that fart just so and that it was integral to the music. Not some stinking fart no one wanted that wreaks up the whole room, Phil!

Well, it is finally gracing my ear holes. The proper Beatles finale. Magical. Let it Be… Naked has been elevated to my favourite Beatles album now. The Spectorization was an embarrassing smudge on the Beatles good name. A band that is so good together that they can produce amazing music despite all the turmoil. Spector was a symbol that that time they couldn’t get it done. Well now they did. And it is glorious. Like a bad fart in the wind, let us all get rid of what shouldn’t have been.  Throw away your old copy of Let it Be and replace it with what should be. What is. Let it Be.

let it be on the roof


One response to “Why Let it Be is better than Let it Be: A Review

  1. Fantastic post. I really want to hear this new album now, and I am not even much of a Beatles fan. I hate Phil Spector and want to slap him with a douche sticker.

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