Football 2012: Requiem for a Jets Fan and on to the Post Season

binkleyWell, pal you have truly outdone yourself. I am not sure that there will be a better post. I often say that when singer/songwriters hear Bob’s song It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) for the first time, their natural reaction should be to give it all up. For there is no way they could do better. Well, I am fighting against my natural urge to give it all up. If someone asks me what my Top 10, 11, or 12 Bob songs are and why, I will sit them down and read your post from start to finish, and when they ask me, “did you write that?” I will say, “yes”. Thanks for this gift of a post. You are truly a “flesh coloured Christ that glows in the dark.”

Here is my paltry post….

My name is Pal and by golly I am a New York Jets fan.

Jets fan

I don’t know what happened this year to the Jets. When they acquired Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos, I was hopeful that the Jets knew something the critics, and the rest of the world, did not. Whatever that was, I felt hopeful that it was going to work.

It did not.

I can get over this now (whimper…sniff). I’m watching the playoffs, yo! By the time this post comes out, the Superbowl will be upon us. A Champion will soon be realized. For now, here is my Superbowl prediction after watching the Wild Card Round. Denver Broncos will beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24. This prediction might be crazy wrong. We will see.

Moving on to the Divisionals.

Man O Man. That Denver-Baltimore game was historic. One of the best football games I have ever seen. Joe Flacco was unbelievable. Anquan Boldin made some amazing catches. The Baltimore Ravens fought hard against the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. Just a war on the field. The seasoned General Manning in the twilight of his career trying to win that final glorious battle. KILL-KILLL-KILL!!! The Broncos seemed poised to win. Up by a touchdown with 44 seconds to go. Ravens ball. Little did we know that the quintessential play of the game, maybe of the entire season, was about to happen. Little did we know that our PVR was going to cut out. AHHHHH!!! Cut to an Asian soap opera where the couple was either breaking up or reconciling. Not sure of which. Cut to us frantically trying to get back to the game. Cut to the play being over and us watching the replay of Flacco throwing a deep bomb under blown Broncos coverage ending in a Ravens touchdown. Two overtimes later, Baltimore wins. Holy Crap!


OK. So I was wrong. Denver is out. This is my new Superbowl prediction. The Patriots will win over San Francisco 37-28. We will see if I am right.

Moving on to the Conference Championships.

Football is a devastatingly beautiful and complex sport. Sports journalists used to write poems about classic football games. I love that idea. Someone should write a poem about that Denver-Baltimore game. Football can be such a brutal physical game, but you can’t deny its artistry. Well maybe you can (eh-ehem mother-in-law). But you can’t. Epic battles. Long drives. Unbelievable throws by quaterbacks placed perfectly for amazing circus catches by the wide receivers. The organized chaos of the offensive linemen, pushing for any daylight they can get against the defense for their running backs to squeeze through. Coaches in a chess match, trying to anticipate and deceive their opponents. All of them pushing as hard as anyone can, despite the outcome. By golly the best sport there is. Deserving of a poem. Maybe one written by the great Grantland Rice…

Grantland Rice

…Keep coming back with all you’ve got, without an alibi,
if competition trips you up or lands upon your eye,
until at last above the din you hear this sentence spilled:
‘We might as well let this bird through before we all get killed.’

You’ll find the road is long and rough, with soft spots far apart,
where only those can make the grade who have the uphill heart
and when they stop you with a thud or halt you with a crack,
let courage call the signals as you keep on coming back

Keep coming back, and though the world may romp across your spine,
let every game’s end find you still upon the battling line;
for when one great scorer comes to mark against your name
he writes – not that you won or lost, but how you played the game

I don’t have a strong depth of football knowledge. I am more in awe of football than fully understand it. Watching the 2012 season, I think that I might have one insight though. It’s around the use of the “option” plays. A common option play is the “Read Option” where the quarterback sets up for a run play, reads the defence after the ball is hiked and quickly decides whether to hand it to the running back or keep the ball and run it himself. The “option” was used relentlessly by the Tim Tebow Denver Broncos in the 2011 season. It was also a play that many said was fine for college football, but had no place in the NFL. Now it is used all the time by quarterbacks such as Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick. All of them currently hailed as the the new hot quarterbacks. Perhaps that is Tebow’s legacy. Bringing the “option” to the NFL and changing the game. It’s a damn better legacy than being associated with the atrocity that was the 2012 New York Jets. They had the “option” man right in front of them and I don’t think they ever used it. Instead they ran plays like Sanchez throwing to Tebow as a receiver. Tebow didn’t turn to catch it and the football bounced off the back of his helmet. Sheeesh! Perhaps the highlight of the Jets 2012 season (by highlight, I mean a crushing crying lowlight) was the Mark Sanchez “Butt Fumble” where he scrambled and ran head first into the ass of one of his linemen, fumbled, and the Patriots recovered it for a touchdown. Double Sheeesh!

butt sack

Well. The Conference Championships are over. Jeepers, I am not good at predicting games. Patriots are out. Brady is a great pocket quaterback (he is also great at drawing the relentless adoration of my wife), however, his downfall in the game was that he would not run. The Baltimore Ravens knew this and put the pressure on him. Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers epitomizes this new era of the running quarterback. Run Kaepernick Run!! My final prediction is this: San Francisco 49ers over the Baltimore Ravens 31-24.

Moving on to the Superbowl.


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