Hey! I Believe aswell!!

No Sweat Pal! I hope it is fun, and not some regretful chore.

I believe in a few things too you know:

  • I believe…the scientific understanding of our universe is way more interesting than our religious one.
  • I believe…that Punch Drunk Love is by far my favorite love story.
  • I believe…Football is a masterwork of violent artistry and the best reflection of a “team sport” I can think of.  That is inspiring.
  • I believe…PPHPTT!!   AACK!!!
  • I believe…don’t vote if you feel bad about who you are voting for.  Not voting can be a vote too.
  • I believe…Top Gun is the worst movie ever made.  Probably not, but I really do hate that movie.
  • I believe…you are right that Dylan would bring the aliens.  I wonder what musical artists might come our way from other worlds.  Zorbleblat, Duvmeos and the Peisknvators, maybe Blobbert Zimmerblat.  I think I might go for Blobbert.
  • I believe…most people caulk too much.  Watch it buddy!
  • I believe…I don’t watch enough TV to declare what is the best show on TV right now. Nevertheless…
  • I believe…Dr. Who is the best thing on TV right now.
  • I believe…politics is silly.  I hope Obama wins.
  • I believe…I will never get retweeted even when I send out gems like this one: “My new years’s resolution is to do less itchin’ and be more bitchin’!!!!!”  Maybe you were right about comedians only tweeting.

All right pal. That’s it. We are off to a roaring start.  Me piggy-backing on your great ideas.



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